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#7: Using Intent Marketing To Reach Customers

Episode Summary

Intent marketing is a not-so-secret marketing weapon. During a time when consumer behavior is constantly changing and it's hard to predict purchase behavior, intent marketing is the best way to adapt. So how do you use it at your own company? To help answer this question my guest is Armin Ausejo, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Fluke Process Instruments. If you have questions or feedback on the episode or podcast, send us an email at

Episode Notes

I sit down with Armin Ausejo, who you might recognize from our first podcast episode ever. He's a Global Digital Marketing Manager at Fluke Process Instruments and has been in marketing for over a decade. 

In this episode, we discuss intent marketing - marketing based on a consumer's intent to purchase. Armin and I talk about approaches to cold and warm traffic as well as ideas for marketing to people at different stages of the marketing funnel. We also talk about our favorite conversion tactics and why.

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